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Here is Wesley Gonsalves background.


We have been busy and are ready to take customers in for our new badge system. We just got our badges and background done so check'em out!! Wesley Gonsalves has his done as well. If you have completed any of the 2 requirements for obtaining your badges please DM either Wes or post here on the wall. Thank you BDRD fam!!


We are so excited to bring to our members at My First NFT Group soon. We are working on the website page to give you the best homepage possible, we want you to find our links to all the merch, our NFTs and more. Once the site is complete we are going to share it with everyone on Bytevid Social and Discord.

Here is our LAST Product for sell this month. "End of April" this is your last chance to enter our raffle/giveaway for Sunday 3pm EST, WIN 50 FRT by buying 10 of our "End of April" product for 1 FRT ea.
1) Just own 10 of our product "End of April" and be sure to say "Delivered" in the status after 24hrs of buying item.
2) OPTIONAL: Tell your friends about us at "My First NFT Group". If you are a member of our group I will give you 1 extra chance to win on Sunday for the sharing this post and adding Breakage.og to the post, if you are new and join "My First NFT Group" I will raffle off an extra 25 FRT for NEW MEMBERS. Just ADD BREAKAGE.OG, join the group and say HELLO!! ENDS 4/30/23 AT 2:45PM EST
We are ending the month of April with a BANG!! 275 FRT RAFFLE/GIVEAWAY. Also if you have played all month long I am working on your special gift for you and if you have played just once or more this month you will also get a gift.
Thank you!!


We have another amazing raffle/giveaway going on Sunday at 3pm EST for Meet Ed as Venomed. If you would like to join please head over to Market tab and pick up your 10 products to enter for a chance to win 50 FRT! For every 10 bought that is a entry, follow the rules given by Breakage and you could win.


This is Breakage and Digi shop called BreakDaRulesDigiShop. Here we will update you on what new products and drops you can expect to see from Breakage and Digi. We will also make a section to use FRTokens to purchase products and have them on a list, if you have an OG NFT from My First will only have to pay half the price in FRTokens and we will have something special only for holders. Like custom items, PFP's and more. So not only could you win in the raffles and giveaways but you can also shop like a Boss and get a total savings of 15% in our store.