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We have an update for all members here at My First NFT Group. JYD757 CollaboratingCreatingCaptivating has just announced that we are now merging all services to our new brand JYD757. The groups will still be active and so will the games but Break Da Rules Digi Shop has been closed so that we can provide our services, digital artwork and more under JYD757. Till further notice all the groups and pages will be still running as normal. Thank you and we hope that you enjoy The Rule Breakers Digital Artwork coming in February, you will be able to use FRT to purchase the 10 items from this exclusive collection starting with Ranger Class. A blend of nature and street style graffiti art, we have created many versions of artwork per class so you will have a unique 1 of 1. Choose the style that resonates with your inner Rule Breaker and share it with your friends and many ways.

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For My First NFT Group Members: We are doing some A/B testing and here is our first Promo AD, check it out and comment below your feedback. We can't wait to share with you all The Rule Breakers Collection.

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The WINNER of the BRONZE RULE BREAKER is...... Craig Sipe CONGRATS BRO. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for always supporting us here at My First NFT Group!! Remember this is your Rule Breaker and the ownership of this art is yours.

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We wanted to give everyone some extra time to collect on the Bounty to find out what our new partners name is. No one collected the bounty so we will reveal his name and delete the rare Gold Rule Breaker from the store. Our new partners name is MetaShroomie, he will be the face you see in all of our metaverses and will be displayed out front to great everyone that comes and visits our lands. We have plans to host events on the Meta lands we purchased and are in the process of creating a Galla in Spatial.io, we plan to create as many floors as we can to support the arts.

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What is up My First NFT Group!! We dropped some ALPHA for you guys on Whisper and Pixel, plus the "Bounty Hunt Mission" is going to be over on 19th for 100 FRT. We will also be doing a Raffle to giveaway 3 of our 1:1 Rule Breakers if you been keeping up. If not, you could win a limited edition Golden Rule Breaker by revealing the name of our Mushroom partner joining us at Break Da Rules Digi Shop. A Silver Rule Breaker by being friends on all 3 of my profiles or you could win a Bronze Rule Breaker just by being part of My First NFT Group( You must be friends with Breakage in order to be added to the Raffel, any members not friends with Breakage will not be able to receive any FRT. Any winnings not claimed will be put towards the next Raffel, you will have 24hrs to Friend and Claim your winnings.) Gold, Silver and Bronze will no longer be used as names in the collection so the rarity of these will be incredibly high, we have changed over to a 6 level system and will be using star ranking to show which items will be considered Rare. Follow us on Whisper and Pixel if you have not seen the update.


This is Bytevid Social FIRST introduction into the world of NFTs Group. Here JYD757_Productions & friends will help guide you on what is a Non-fungible token, we will show you that not all NFTs come from one type of Blockchain. The world has millions of projects on thousands of blockchains and we are going to show you a few of them here on MY FIRST NFT Group. (As a reminder, scammers are on many blockchains and for you to always do research before connecting your wallet to any site.)