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NEW BADGE ALERT!! 👀 We have a new badge that will be coming soon, Break Da Rules Digi Shop and JYD757_Productions have a first look but not the final works that will DROP later on. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think could be coming for everyone later.

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We have been working hard and are glad to bring back some games and items for everyone to win, We will be giving away 3 of our created images for Bytevid Social and selling the entry image for 10 FRT. You only need to purchase this one particular image from our marketplace to have a chance to win, We will give everyone 1 week this pick up this 1 image, the winners of the 3 images we created will have an .MP4 file or .GIF file that will allow them to use them in the background of your profile page. Remember we can also make it a badge if you have already sent us your photo, if you haven't you can always DM me your photo of choice to add everything. If you would just like a PNG or JPG, we can do that for your also. Good luck and be sure to pick up your entry today.


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Exciting announcement for all our members. We want you to show off your badges in style! All you need to do is send us a photo you'd like to have your badges placed on. Just shoot us an email at jyd757productions2023@gmail.com, and we'll work our magic. You'll receive your photo back as a cool GIF file, ready to be uploaded to your background page or PFP.

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For all of our members at My First NFT Group


This is Bytevid Social FIRST introduction into the world of NFTs Group. Here JYD757_Productions & friends will help guide you on what is a Non-fungible token, we will show you that not all NFTs come from one type of Blockchain. The world has millions of projects on thousands of blockchains and we are going to show you a few of them here on MY FIRST NFT Group. (As a reminder, scammers are on many blockchains and for you to always do research before connecting your wallet to any site.)