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We are doing our first game night in My First NFT Group using Bytevid Games. We will be playing Amanda's Birds and seeing who can get the highest score within 30 min, I have posted a 5 star review and will be telling all of our members to come LIKE your page and come PLAY your games by sharing your link in our group. Thank you for the great games and I will be looking for your email to inquire about developing games for members or looking to Group Found to develop a game for the community. I hope the team is doing well and can't wait to see what other games you come out with. Thank you again!!

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Please do not go forgetting about us. We are in the process of developing more exciting games for Bytevid Social and Bytevid Games located at

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Don't forget about us, we are working on some exciting games for Bytevid Social. In the mean time, you can play some of ours and our partners games by visiting

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Enjoy trying to fly Amanda's birds in this fun filled arcade game. Enjoy!

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We are game developers, and games are what we do. If you have any games you would like to see on Bytevid Social of please leave a comment below. -Thanks


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