Understanding Email Servers: The Backbone of Email Communication

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Explore the inner workings of email servers and how they facilitate seamless communication. Learn about the different types of email servers, including incoming, outgoing, relay and hosting servers. Understand the role of security measures in protecting against spam and malware.

Email servers are the backbone of the email communication system. They are responsible for sending, receiving, and storing electronic messages. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of email servers and how they work to facilitate seamless email communication and conclude it with an explaination how Fierce Technologies, Bytevid platforms and Accele manages email.

There are two main types of email servers: incoming and outgoing. Incoming email servers, also known as mail servers or mail transfer agents (MTAs), are responsible for receiving and storing incoming messages. These servers use protocols such as POP3 and IMAP to communicate with email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, and retrieve messages from the server.

Outgoing email servers, also known as mail submission agents (MSAs), are responsible for sending outgoing messages. These servers use protocols such as SMTP to communicate with incoming email servers and deliver messages to the intended recipients.

In addition to these two main types, there are also email relay servers, which act as intermediaries between incoming and outgoing servers. These servers are typically used in larger organizations to manage and secure email communication.

Another type of email server is email hosting server, which is a third-party service provider that allows individuals and organizations to send and receive email using their own domain name. These servers provide features such as webmail access, spam filtering, and email forwarding.

Email servers also use various security measures to protect against spam and malware, such as authentication and encryption. Authentication ensures that the sender is who they claim to be, and encryption ensures that the message is secure while in transit.

Overall, email servers play a vital role in facilitating email communication by sending, receiving, and storing messages. They use various protocols and security measures to ensure seamless and secure communication.


Accele is a subsidary of Fierce Technologies Corporation and is a marketing company that handles all email from all Fierce platforms including all Bytevid Social platforms. Accele manages both sending (SMTP) and receiving (POP3/IMAP). Due to high volumes of spam in the recent years, multiple anti spam efforts are being utilized to combat this growing problem. Fierce Technologies along with Accele are fighting along side these organization to reduce spam, and is a large supporter for the anti-spam initiative. Since our servers are new we are in our warmup session. Becoming a email provider is not a simple task. Accele just recently got approved in August 2022. This was a great feat, since most companies do not get approved. However, being the "new kid on the block" we must go through our warmup session. Currently we are at 82% at the time of this writing. During this time, our emails may land in every folder except the receivers inbox if they get past the receivers security. We started with the most popular email servers first (gmail,outlook etc). 

This is why when you registered for any of the bytevid or Fierce platforms, you had to search for your email. If you flag the email as safe, this helps the warmup process but doesn't hinder it from happening. Once our servers has a long standing as "freindly service" then we will be treated as all the rest. 

This is all thanks to the idiots out there that decided to misuse the email system, great companies like Fierce and Accele and their users suffer. So thanks to the idiots of the world, we salute you.

However, we will always be Fierce and know nothing about failure, those are metrics we utilize to make us better. I hope you enjoyed this article and sarcasm.


-Keith Wilson


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