About Bytevid Social
Bytevid Social is a Social Networking Platform that pays its users Fierce Token (FRT). Works seamlessly with all platforms in the Bytevid Ecosystem. Socially engage with an awesome AI known as Intelligent Mind. Platforms managed by Fierce Global Foundation. Promoting STEM, data protection and a Social Ecosystem. Home of Intelligent Mind Neural Network.

About Us

Bytevidsocial.com is a social media platform created for the only race there is, which is that of the human race. This platform is currently managed by Fierce Technologies Corporation that prides itself on being “The Company with A Clear Conscience”. We hold our user’s privacy to the highest degree. Usability and sustainability of our platform closely follows. On any of the Bytevid platforms, you can ensure your privacy is protected. We ensure this because it uses our own encryption algorithm utilizing blockchain technology known as Pin Drop. Our systems are developed and maintained using an agile methodology that allows us to divide our teams into smaller more manageable groups, which allows a more modular infrastructure. A more modular infrastructure allows for quicker implementation of the newest technologies and maintenance strategies. This provides us the ability to provide our users with the foremost advanced technologies offered on the market. Fierce Technologies Corporation is not solely an information technologies company that specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning.



Bytevidsocial.com absolutely, unambiguously believe in treating each person fairly and with respect — regardless of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, age, incapacity, or political preferences. We all contribute to a community/world full of diverse backgrounds, cultures, identities, sizes, and unique perspectives that deserve celebration. Furthermore, we believe every aspect of our company/platforms should reflect our diversity. Being a human race is the common thread that unites us. We are and always will be “The Company/Platforms with A Clear Conscience”.