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Here is the link in case you do not know.

Here is the link in case you do not know.
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Well, it's day 930 of Build Back Better...But,
Nothing is Built.
Nothing is Back.
Nothing is Better.

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It has been brought to our attention that some spammers have set up accounts and sent either porn or links to porn sites. Please feel free to block and report fake profiles so they can be restricted from harassing the community. Thanks, and have a FIERCE day!

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Wake up and give a "whisper" that starts the conversation of the day, over on

Bytevid Whisper

Bytevid Whisper

We like to believe there is a lot to be said in a whisper.
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We love our "sister" platform Pixel.
It is a great place for all you photographers (professional and amateur) to showcase your artistic works. Check it out today @



Bytevid Pixel is an Image Sharing platform that pays its users. Works seamlessly with Bytevid ( and Bytevid Social (
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Checks complete! Ready.